Hindustani Music in Colonial Bombay

Aneesh Pradhan is a scholar, teacher, composer and an acclaimed practitioner of Hindustani music. He has been recorded extensively by national and international music labels, and is recipient of prestigious awards.  The Asiatic Society of Mumbai has recognized his efforts of in reconstructing our past in music with its ‘Silver Medal’ for the book Hindustani Music in Colonial Bombay brought out in 2014 by Three Essays Collective, Gurgaon

The medal is awarded triennially, and is given for a book published by a member of the society in the area of Oriental Arts, Science or Literature. Hindustani Music in Colonial Bombay focuses on Bombay’s role in modernising the world of Hindustani music in the colonial era and in moulding the ethos surrounding this musical tradition. Changing patterns of patronage, performance and pedagogy, are elaborated upon, and adaptive strategies employed by musicians to cope with the new colonial urban environment are examined. The author discusses the interface between Hindustani musicians and theatre and cinema, and the impact of gramophone recordings and broadcasting on Hindustani music, in the context of Bombay.

Based on primary and secondary source material, and oral histories, this book will be of academic interest to scholars working in the fields of colonial history, music history, urban studies, and musicology, and, of course, to all lovers of Indian classical music.

Rs. 750  in hardcover, 360 pages with 36 pages of photographs. ISBN: 9788188789962