Made in India

A book that is largely about handicrafts in India, Speaking With Hands, has been edited by Malathi Ramaswamy and N. Ramaswamy and published recently by  Cinnamon Teal Publishing, Goa.

This book is a collaborative effort that describes the various crafts of India through the eyes of travellers, many of who are from outside India, and all of who right. Crafts tours to various parts of India have been organized by Indebo over the last three decades, and most of them were escorted by the editors of this book.

In part a travelogue and in part memories, this book is unique in cataloguing various indigenous arts and crafts in the country. Accompanied by maps and photographs, this provides an unusual empathetic, intimate, and personal view of the crafts of India.

In our Art and Architecture section, Rs. 4850, in hardback, 404 pages, ISBN: 9789381542705