A long day's journey...

Goa 1556, that quirky and eclectic publishing house, bring out two volumes dedicated to the Goan short story. Translated from the Portuguese by Paul Melo e Castro of the University of Leeds, this collection has been woven together painstakingly and creatively. His stated aim was to produce "a representative mapping out of the range of authors, styles, positions and themes" found within this body of writing. 

Titled Lengthening Shadows 1 and 2, the two books share an afterword by Augusto Pinto, critic and writer who teaches at the Dempo College of Commerce,  in Goa. Authors included in the two books are 

Julio Goncalves * Wenceslau Proenca * Francisco Joao da Costa (Gip) * Joaquim Filipe Neri Soares Rebelo * Jose da Silva Coelho * Ananta Rau Sar Dessai * Vimala Devi * Telo de Mascarenhas * Epitacio Pais * Laxmanrao Sardessai * Maria Elsa da Rocha * Walfrido Antao * Eduardo de Souza * Augusto do Rosario Rodrigues.

In these stories, which span roughly from 1864 to 1987, a variety of attitudes towards Portuguese colonialism and the wider Indian nation, towards issues of family, caste, society, religion and language can be discerned.

While all these issues are both familiar today and the staples of contemporary Goan writing in various languages, the stories presented here do present some of their own peculiarities.

The books are priced at Rs 200 each. ISBN: 9789380739755 and  9789380739762 respectively.