Child Rights and You

Tulika Publishers in Chennai have a new resource book for teachers,  Righting Wrongs: A Handbook of Child Rights for Teachers  written by Monisha Bajaj
In an ideal world, childhood is the happy phase of life when children are safe and secure, with no burdens or responsibilities. But, in reality, this would seem an impossible dream to many.  

The fact is that every day, all over the world, millions of children are made to work, denied access to school and exposed to many dangers – with no idea that there are rights meant to protect them.

This handbook helps educators to create awareness about child rights among children. Featuring landmark laws and treaties, real stories and statistics, ideas for discussion, worksheets and questionnaires, it delves into the history of the child rights movement to show how young people can themselves be empowered to usher in social change.

Designed as a valuable resource for teachers to further child rights education in their schools, the book conveys strongly that collective action led by youth can be a powerful force for advancing human rights. And it is teachers who can motivate students to do this.

In our Education and Law Sections, 76 pages in paperback, Rs 160 plus shipping.