Auntyji .... Auntiji

Bulbul Sharma is a writer, painter, birdwatcher, maker of woodcuts, the author of five collections of short stories, including the enormously popular Now That I’m Fifty and The Anger of Aubergines. She has also written books on birds and trees for children. She teaches art to children with special needs. Travels With My Aunts, her travelogue (both real and imaginary) has just been published by Women Unlimited.

“The day Mayadevi turned sixty-eight, seventy or seventy-five (her date of birth was an ever-changing fact linked to her moods), she decided to go to London ...”

“One bright, warm morning, sometime in 1908, Anima decided to wash her hair on a Wednesday instead of the usual Monday. This ordinary everyday decision changed the course of her destiny ...”

“When Gita’s husband disappeared one night quietly, leaving only a smudged one-line note saying he was renouncing the world to become a holy man, she too suddenly decided to break away ...”

Eleven eccentric aunts, eleven delicious stories of waywardness, obduracy, adventure and rebellion by those from whom it’s least expected – women who’ve been trained to conform. Bulbul Sharma’s fictional aunts refuse to do so, and end up in situations that they handle with aplomb. They keep you guessing till you put the book down!

On the SwB site,  ISBN: 9788188965991, Rs. 350, paperback  228 pages.