Confluence of Thought

Confluence of Thought: Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr by Bidyut Chakrabarty  from Oxford University Press (India).

While much has been written about Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., never before have the social and political origins and evolution of their thoughts on nonviolence been compared. In a unique consideration, Chakrabarty argues that despite the very different historical, economic, and cultural circumstances, there is a confluence of thoughts and concerns of Gandhi and King and their advocacy of humanity and nonviolence. There is a contrary dimension to this, as he demonstrates—of both these thinkers having been shaped by their historical moments, evolving their approaches to nonviolence to best advance their respective struggles for freedom.

Gandhi and King were perhaps the most influential individuals in modern history to combine religious and political thought into successful and dynamic social ideologies. Chakrabarty analyses the manner in which each strategically used religious and political language to build momentum and attract followers to their thought and action.

The result is a compelling and historically entrenched view of two of the most important figures of the twentieth century and a thoughtful meditation on the common threads that flow through the larger and enduring nonviolence movement. In the preface to this edition, Chakrabarty explores further the relevance of nonviolence as an effective means of articulating a distinctive voice of protest in the evolving modern world, especially in the context of the recently experienced Arab Spring.

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