Indological Research & Rationalism

Indological Research: Different Standpoints by George Cardona from New Bharatiya Book Corporation.

The first two sections of the present book contain public lectures which I delivered as a visiting scholar at the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, in 2010.  One covers briefly the broad area of Indo-European studies, including the methodology of comparing daughter languages and reconstructing an ancestral proto-language, Proto-Indo-Europian.  The second deals with arguments which Yaska considered in relation to nirukta: objections advanced against its methods and answers to these objections. 

In the third contribution, initially delivered at the Sree Sankaracharya University of Snnskrit, Kalady, as a lecture in memory of Professor K. Kunjunni Raja, I consider what Paniniyas, chief among them Bhartrhari, have said concerning relations treated as residual (sese) with respect to relations that hold between actions and participants that play roles in bringing actions to accomplishment.

The last section of this work deals with evidence advanced to determine Panini's dates.  In particular, it has been claimed that evidence from the Astadhyayi indicates Panini knew of copper punched coins, so that he has to be placed in the fourth century BCE.  I demonstrate that this conclusion is unacceptable and that Panini should be dated earlier, most plausibly around 500 BCE.

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Rationalism: An Upcoming Philosophy by D D Bandisite  from New Bharatiya Book Corporation.

Rationalism is a very composite and comprehensive monograph which leaves no aspect of Rationalism untouched. Now there is time that study of Science and rationalism should be an integral part of the curriculum at least at undergraduate level so that our growing generation not only learns about science but more important is that they cultivate the Scientific Methodology and Scientific Temper and Rationalist approach. This book can very well serve the purpose as a basic textbook for this type of study.

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