Dalits In 21st Century and India the Mother

Dalits In 21st Century: Ambedkarite Perspective by Dr. K. Jamanadas is a recent book from Kalpaz Publications.

Dalits are those untouchables, who followed Ambedkar and Harijans are those who followed Gandhi. History of India is really the history of conflict among the Buddhists and the Brahminists for centuries. The creation of untouchability is the religious persecution of the Buddhists by the Brahmins. History of caste system, creation of untouchability and its results are not very pleasant for the Indians.

A country spreading to Afghanistan having only two languages and one script is divided into numerous warring regions with diverse cultures. The ills of caste system and measures to annihilate it were propagated by Ambedkar as early as 1936, but nobody paid heed to it. It must be realised that caste discrimination caused ruin of the  country in the past and can do more harm in future if not corrected. These are the issues, this book attempts to address.

Rs. 950, in hardback, 318 pages, ISBN: 9788178359809

Also from Kalpaz Publications,  India The Mother by Tapash Kumar Mukherjee.

This book compiles together selected portions from the complete works of four great personalities—Swami Vivekananda, Swami Abhedananda, Sister Nivedita and Sri Aurobindo. It highlights their complete convergence of views about the motherly role being played by India and her contribution from the time immemorial for the growth and upliftment of various civilizations of the world and for the whole mankind at large. They also stress that India was a world teacher imparting education in all branches of knowledge, including spirituality.

Rs. 595, in hardback, 198 pages, ISBN: 9789351280040

A third from Kalpaz Publications,  Green Governance And Human Rights by P. K. Rajagopal.

This book is a compilation of research papers presented at the two-day UGC sponsored National Seminar organised by the Post-Graduate Department of Political Science, NSS Hindu College, Changanacherry, Kerala. It deals with environmental and human rights issues that prevail in the contemporary society. It seeks to explore the ground reality of environmental concerns and issues that are largely ignored by the conventional Governance process. However, the need for conservation of environment has called for an urgent attention of national governments in all over the world.

The magnitude of the environmental issues requires specialised groups within the government machinery, having sound knowledge about environment and issues surrounding it. The backdrop of the concept of the Green Governance came into vogue. The book covers various environmental issues that affect the rights of human beings like as global warming, climate change, ozone depletion, environmental securities, pollution, right to water, health, etc.

Rs. 850, in hardback, 289 pages, ISBN: 9788178359793