Caribbean issues in the Indian diaspora

Caribbean issues in the Indian diaspora by Kumar Mahabir from Serials Publications.

The chapters in the book have been classified into four sections: emotions, assimilation, identity, and adaptations. The first section illustrates the neglect of emotions and feelings in the historiography of the people of the Bhojpuri areas in India who migrated to the plantation colonies in the Caribbean, and elsewhere.

The second section analyses assimilation, mainly in the form of Christian conversion of Hindu and Muslim migrants, which resulted in the absence of mandirs and mosques, and the virtual lack of traditional Indian festivals and ceremonies in Belize, Venezuela and St. Lucia.

The third section in the collection deals with the plurality of ethnic identities, which is in fact the opposite of assimilation. The last section discusses the social adaptations and reproductions in forms such as Islamic spaces in politics as well as Bollywood movies. This compilation of scholarly work includes new areas of study and fresh perspectives of timeworn topics.

Rs. 795, in hardback, xvi+270 pages, ISBN: 9788183876049