Translation and Postcolonialities, (1/e)

Translation and Postcolonialities, (1/e): Transactions Across Languages and Cultures by Vijaya Guttal And Suchitra Mathur from Orient Blackswan.

Translation and Postcolonialities is a collection of essays that pertain to the many intricate and complex ways in which translation is seen to mirror postcolonialities, and brings to the foreground the nature and function of translation in the multilingual and multicultural context of India.

These essays are a selection from the IACLALS conference held in Dharwad, Karnataka, in 2009. They use a variety of linguistic and cultural contexts – Kannada, Kashmiri, English and Hindi – to interrogate translation practices for their complicity with the so-called colonial politics as well as to bring out the linguistic, cultural and political transactions and collaborations involved in colonial and postcolonial translations. Analysing ''texts'' as disparate as ancient Kannada scriptures and the Indian variant of Spider-Man comics, the volume presents a rich and layered debate on the role and place of translation in the postcolonial context.

Rs. 595, in hardback, 172 pages, ISBN: 9788125051282