Stress and Work

Stress and Work: Perspectives on Understanding and Managing Stress by D M Pestonjee And Satish Pandey from Sage India.

Stress and work gives fresh perspectives in order to understand the phenomenon of "stress" in relation to the ever-changing concept of "work" in an urbanized and developing country like India. With the expansion of cities and movement of people our cities have become overcrowded, which has created a situation where personal and social well-being of civilians have been challenged. The book focuses on an understanding that to overcome such a situation, there is a growing need for a research-focused compendium of knowledge in understanding the field of stress management.

The book discusses the problem of stress from different theoretical perspectives and empirical findings relevant to different occupational settings at one place. It is aimed at providing comprehensive research literature, which has been thematically divided along the following theoretical perspectives:

- Occupational Stress and Burnout

- Work-Family Conflict and Stress

- Positive Management of Stress

- Stress and Spirituality

The volume will be resource-book for researchers and practitioners of management, psychologists, sociologists and behavioral scientists. The prospective reader of human society and human nature will find this volume of immense utility.

In our Management Studies section, Rs. 595, in paperback, 436 pages, ISBN: 9788132110880