India's Evolving Economy

India's Evolving Economy: Puzzles and perspectives by A. Vaidyanathan from Academic Foundation.

Compiling a selection of essays by one of India’s most respected economists, this volume investigates diverse aspects and issues of development, beginning with a discussion on the growing divergence between agriculture and the rest of the economy.

Based on sustained academic research, it attacks a variety of topics, from the rationale and efficacy of current strategies for poverty alleviation and equitable distribution—including topics such as food security, employment guarantee, and access to education—to the importance of reliable data for informed policymaking and public debate.

Though India’s statistical system leaves room for improvement in terms of coverage, quality, and accessibility, this book emphasizes the rich but grossly underutilized potential of what is available for discriminating research and discusses ways to facilitate and promote such research.

In our Economics section, Rs. 1195, in hardback, 348 pages, ISBN: 9788171889921