The Changing Gaze

The Changing Gaze: Regions and the Constructions of Early India by B.P. Sahu from Oxford University Press (India).

Why did Indian historians move away from the centric approach in the 1970s? Why did they shift their focus to local sub-regions instead of focusing on historio-geographic blocks like the Gangetic heartland or the Kaveri valley? What were the constructs that developed the concept of India? Examining the questions that have shaped history-writing in India, this book maps the changing perspectives about early India.

Focusing on the histories of regions, the volume studies social and cultural change, regional polities, and various socio-economic aspects of regional and rural societies. It includes a wide range of topics: from the role of Brahmanical ideology in the construction of caste to the regional dimensions of the Kali Age crisis; from agrarian land systems to forms of protest and dissent; and the evolution of regional identities in Indian historiography. The Introduction provides an overview of the issues and themes discussed, and surveys the research on early India.

In our History section, Rs. 850, in hardback, 344 pages, ISBN: 9780198089193