Refiguring Goa

Refiguring Goa: From Trading  Post to Tourism Destination by Raghuraman Trichur from  Goa 1556.

THIS BOOK sets out to challenge our current understanding of Goan society and its history. Rather  than filling in our knowledge with details of Goa  along the lines of well-established conventions,  Refiguring Goa pushes the study of the region in a  new direction. It asks fresh questions, challenges  long-held orthodoxies, and encourages us to refigure  our understanding of issues that affect Goa today. Following a critical reading of Goan historiography  from colonial times to the postcolonial present,  Trichur develops an alternative framework by  examining the development and the process of class  formation in Goa.

He traces the growth of the  indigenous mercantile elite and the peasantry who, he  argues, have been the chief architects of the  postcolonial Goan economy. Refiguring Goa explores how the continued  dominance of merchant capital, and its inability to  move from the sphere of circulation to the sphere of  production, has in turn shaped the development of  capitalism and contributed to the expansion of the  tourism trade in postcolonial Goa. It offers a new  perspective on the crucial role played by tourism in  the construction of the Goan identity, the process of  state formation, and the integration of Goa with the  postcolonial Indian nation-state.

In our History section, Rs. 200, in paperback, 208 pages, ISBN: 9789380739502