Entrepreneurship Development In India

Entrepreneurship Development In India: Emergence From Local To Global Business Leadership by Noboru Tabe And Somu Giriappa from  Kalpaz Publications.

This book deals with the Indian experience of entrepreneurship. Explaining the concepts and the processes of entrepreneurship, it traces the evolution and development of entrepreneurship in India. It describes in detail the development of entrepreneurship in iron and steel industry, biotechnology, information and technology industry, and small and medium exterprises.

Analyzing the role of Indian business houses in the development of indigenous entrepreneurship, it presents a detailed account of the development of social, ecological, public, institutional, and women entrepreneurship. It also examines India's emergence in business leadership and explores prospects of entrepreneurship development in the country.

In our Management Studies section, Rs. 990, in paperback, N.A pages, ISBN: 9789378359897