India's Special Forces

India's Special Forces: History and Future of Special Forces by Lt Gen PC Katoch And Saikat Datta from Vij Books.

This book is attempted as a critique of Special Forces as they have emerged in India, as related to counterparts in all important armed force around the world, emphasizing the concept as it has developed in our Army and the current name it has come to acquire. It delves into the creation of Special Forces in India; evolution, development through the years and why they are called Special Forces.

Employment till now of our nascent Special Forces have been analyzed including whether our Special Forces have actually been employed or used as Special Forces or primarily used in counter insurgency operations for which we have any number of other units available.

The book brings out whether a rare resource like Special Forces should or should not be employed for such missions that can be performed by a host of other groups. In the backdrop of 21st Century threats, what should be the Special Forces structure in India, their concept of employment and doctrine? These are the other questions this book has attempted to answer.

Rs. 795, in hardback, 176 pages, ISBN: 9789382573975