Bollywood Nation

Penguin Books India's new title by Vamsee Juluri,  Bollywood Nation: India Through its Cinema charts the evolution of Indian cinema from its mythological films in the early 20th century to its world-class gangster and terrorist melodramas of today. In doing so, the book investigates why and how our films have become so deeply embedded in the nation's popular imagination.

Is it merely that cinema is the only common form of mass national culture in a country that does not have either a common language or a common religion or is it entwined with greater social, cultural and spiritual aspirations? By narrating the story of India through the stories that our films tell us, Vamsee Juluri posits cinema as the voice of the nation and examines how it has shaped our understanding of our place in the world.

Book Features:

  • An easy and accessible guide to understanding the essential ideals of Indian cinema
  • Contains remarkable insights on how our films have shaped and reflected our identity as a modern nation
  • Will appeal to both lay readers as well as students of film and popular culture

In our Film Studies section, Rs. 299, in hardback, 232 pages, ISBN: 9780143065111