Data Mining Techniques, (3/e)

Arun K Pujari is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. Data Mining Techniques, (3/e), by Arun K Pujari from Universities Press, Hyderabad. 

Data Mining Techniques addresses all the major and latest techniques of data mining and data warehousing. It deals in detail with the latest algorithms for discovering association rules, decision trees, clustering, neural networks and genetic algorithms. The book contains the algorithmic details of different techniques such as A priori, Pincer-search, Dynamic Itemset Counting, FP-Tree growth, SLIQ, SPRINT, BOAT, CART, RainForest, BIRCH, CURE, BUBBLE, ROCK, STIRR, PAM, CLARANS, DBSCAN, GSP, SPADE, SPIRIT, etc.

Interesting and recent developments such as Support Vector Machines and Rough Set Theory are also covered in the book. The book also discusses the mining of web data, spatial data, temporal data and text data. This book can serve as a textbook for students of computer science, mathematical science and management science. It can also be an excellent handbook for researchers in the area of data mining and data warehousing.

Rs. 350, in paperback, ISBN: 9788173718847