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India’s Foreign Policy: A Reader by Kanti P. Bajpai And Harsh V. Pant from Oxford University Press (India).

In this timely volume, two leading experts on India's foreign policy bring together essays written over the last 15 years by eminent scholars and practitioners that challenge commonly held perceptions of India's external relations. The volume explores several myths about the country's foreign policy—that it lacks a strategic culture; that it is formulated without any clearly discernible guiding principles; and that it is largely idealistic in its orientation.

The reader provides incisive insights into key features of India's foreign policy. It also traces through the changes that the country has undergone over the years and highlights contemporary policy challenges. Divided into four sections, India's Foreign Policy analyses India's thinking on its strategic culture and its conception of how to deal with the world; its power and foreign policy infrastructure; its external relationships with major countries; and, finally, its global diplomacy on climate change and its approach to the World Trade Organization.

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India's National Security: A Reader by Kanti P. Bajpai And Harsh V. Pant from Oxford University Press (India).

Indias conception of its security and its security practices are of great consequence not only for its people but also for its region, for Asia more broadly, and for the world as a whole. This timely volume brings together some of the best writings of prominent scholars on issues related to Indias national security.

Indias National Security is divided into four sections. These sections analyse Indias internal security, with a special focus on insurgency and terrorism, and the countrys response to domestic dangers; the nuclear history of India from 1947 to the nuclear tests conducted in 1998; key bilateral and regional relationships; and a vital yet neglected topicthe nature of, and need for, defence reforms.

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