Political Ideas and Ideologies

Political Ideas and Ideologies, (2/e): Issues in Contemporary Political Theory by O. P. Gauba by Macmillan India.

Political Ideas and Ideologies: Issues in Contemporary Political Theory is intended to examine the prominent issues of political theory in the light of the prevalent ideas and ideologies. It is divided into three parts. Part I deals with understanding political theory with a focus on the nature of politics, nature and significance of political theory, traditions of political theory with special reference to liberal, Marxist, conservative and anarchist traditions. It discusses the traditional and contemporary approaches to political theory with a focus on historical, normative, empirical, behavioural and post-behavioural approaches, and critical perspectives on political theory with special reference to feminist and post-modern perspectives.

Part II undertakes a critical examination of key concepts of political theory. particularly the concepts of Democracy (with a focus on procedural, deliberative and participatory democracy). Freedom (with a focus on negative v. positive liberty, and freedom as emancipation). Equality (with a focus on formal and substantive equality, equality of opportunity and grounds of differential treatment). Justice (with a focus on procedural v, distributive justice, and global justice). and Rights (with a focus on natural, moral and legal rights, three generations of rights, rights and obligations).

Finally, Part III examines the prominent issues of debate in contemporary political theory including Freedom of thought and expression. Justification of affirmative action. Vindication of capital punishment. Status of human rights, Rights of the girl-child, Essentials of democratic citizenship. Grounds of political obligation, and the Principle of multiculturalism. The book is written in a reader-friendly style. Intricate concepts are elucidated through explanatory diagrams. flowcharts and comparative charts. On-the-spot definitions of difficult terms, a brief description of historical contexts and some important quotations are given in boxes. It contains study material for higher academic courses in political theory. particularly for B.A. (Hons.) course of various Indian universities including the University of Delhi.

In our Politics section, Rs. 350, in paperback, 388 pages, ISBN:9789350593295