The Indo-Portuguese House

The Indo - Portuguese House by Gerard Da Cunha And Akeru Barros Perelra, from Architecture Autonomous.

The Indo-Portuguese House explains the creation of one of the most unusual and beautiful house types in the country. There are 2 Sections. The first is the context which is a visual essay on the development of the house and the second and larger part are a set of beautiful sketches of the houses. It begins with the history of Goa and its capture by the Portuguese in 1510. The religious conversion which followed and how life changed including the western models of Architecture which were introduced.

The pre-Portuguese house type is explained along with the climate and material availability. It further explains each element of Goan Architecture including Form, Windows, flooring, Columns, false ceilings and many others. The sketches cover village and Town houses, some which are modest and some monumental. They are shown in their context within the natural landscape. There is a great variety in the form and type which clearly explains the universal acclaim for these houses.

Rs. 1700, in hardback, 108 pages, ISBN: 9788192242309