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Law Relating to Cruelty to Husband, (3/e): Divorce and Maintenance to Wife by P. K. Das from Universal Law Publishing.

Since the Second Edition of this Book Law Relating to Cruelty to Husband the cruelty, abuse, torture, false accusation, impleading and brutality by wives to husbands are on the increase. The government has not felt the need for enacting any law in favour of husbands or amending the existing laws viz. Indian Pendal Code or Criminal Procedure Code or Indian Evidence Act, though it is most necessary to enact a legal instrument for suffering husbands in the hands of complicating wives in this so called famale-empowered society.

The Government of India enacted the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act in 2005. This Act is having provisions only in female-line with a fear of arrest for husbans. This Act along with other one-sided provisions includes economic abuse in its section 3 which means for example, if someone`s husband sells a T.V. set or even if any minor husehold articule without consent of his wife and wife protests, then it will come under offence of Domestic Violence. Further, since last few years so many laws have been enacted and have been amended only in favour of women with a promissory threat to men. Even many judges of High Courts and Supreme Court in India have shown their concern that section 48A of Indian Penal Code is misued and the Husbands and their relatives are destitute by such provisions.

The data provides that some innocent husbands are in jail for false implications by their wives and discrement by police officials. The Law Reports and law journals etc. show many judgments on cruelty to husbands. Keeping these things in mind and considering various compliexitis this Third Edition has been prepared with inclusion of latest case laws, judicial activism, judges` concerns and judges warnings to police for false accusations against husbands. Each and every part of the book has been thoroughly revised and edited, updated and has been improved with assessment and full emphasis on evil methods to implicate male spouses. It is hoped that like its successive last two editions this Edition shall be highly appreciated by its readers and its is hoped that this book shall be most useful to the Bench, Bar and the general public with a purpose.

 Rs. 450, in paperback, 452 pages, ISBN: 9789350352885

Law Relating to Societies Registration, (2/e) by S. Parameswaran from Universal Law Publishing.

The Law Relating to Societies Registration, as penned by learned Advocate S. Parameswaran deals with the law as contained in the Societies Registration Act 1860, which has been deftly commented upon, section-wise, by the latest law on the subject. State Amendments as applicable to various States are given under the relevant sections. Societies Registration Rules of all the States have been appended to make the book useful and practical at Central and State levels.

This book shall prove useful not only to the Bar and Bench but also to the Societies, Members, Government Departments as well as common man who is even slightly concerned with the subject.

 Rs. 750, in paperback, 644 pages, ISBN: 9789350352816