Congress After Indira

Congress After Indira: Policy, Power, Political Change (1984 - 2009) by Zoya Hasan from Oxford University Press (India).

The Indian National Congress (INC) has played a pivotal role in nation building in India's political history. Congress after Indira provides an interpretation of contemporary Congress politics and the challenges it has faced due to the political and economic change, both nationally and globally. The book provides an insight into the structure and direction of change within the INC, and the governance agenda essentially with respect to economy, society, polity, and leadership - after Indira Gandhi.

The volume talks about the Ayodhya issue, the phase of economic liberalization, and the comeback of the Congress as a ruling party in 2004, as a coalition government for the first time. It also discusses the dualist structure of leadership and how this has shaped the perception of the masses regarding the party.

In our Politics section, Rs. 795, in hardback, 304 pages, ISBN: 9780195685978