Business and Media Studies!!

Business and Community: The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility in India by Pushpa Sundar from Sage India.

Business and Community is a historical narrative which also highlights emerging critical issues and the achievements as well as deficits of Indian CSR. Its objectives are threefold:

- To enhance public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of what Indian business has contributed to society
- To enthuse the business community as a whole, especially the younger generation, by highlighting exemplary individualsmpanies in the history of Indian CSR
- To identify the factors which inhibit or encourage CSR so as to enable business and government to take appropriate action

Written in a simple, non-jargonistic language, it is easy to understand without being simplistic. Its extensive bibliography will be useful for further research.

In our Management Studies section, Rs. 895, in hardback, 408 pages, ISBN: 9788132109556

Media Analysis Techniques, (4/e) by Arthur Asa Berger from Sage India.

In this updated Fourth Edition of Media Analysis Techniques,author Arthur Asa Berger provides students with a clear, practicalguide to media analysis techniques. Written in an accessible stylewith the author's own creative illustrations, the book walksreaders through the four most important methods of analyzing andinterpreting our mass mediated culture: semiotic theory, Marxisttheory, psychoanalytic theory, and sociological theory. The textcoaches students on how to support their media interpretation ifthey want to convince others that their opinions are worthconsidering. These methodologies, once learned, will stay withstudents and have an impact on the way they live.

New to this Edition
A new chapter on social media: The new chapter demonstrates howto apply time-tested media analysis techniques to the latestmedia. Many new theories and concepts: New coverage of culture codes,consumer culture, the Frankfurt school, society and semiotics,society and spectacles, and facial expression expand the repertoireof theoretical concepts that can be used in media analysis. Updated statistics on media: The current , relevant statisticsencourage students to engage with the material.

In our Media section, Rs. 350, in paperback, 280 pages, ISBN: 9788132110132
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