Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground: Journey Into the Media… And Out by Rami Chhabra from National Book Trust.

The Nehruvian-era' of post-Independence India roused unprecedented hopes and expectations in the country, particularly among the educated classes. Growing up during those atmospheric years and starting out professionally in the historic fifties and sixties, Rami Chhabra carved a niche for herself as a pioneering 'woman' journalist.

The book, presented as her 'professional memoir', takes us deep into a positive life perspective turning into a complex web of disappointments, bewilderments—and committed battles—as the times changed, particularly in the last two decades of globalization. Fascinating and passionately narrated, with minute details of events throwing light on the struggle for women's equality and public service communication space, in particular the intersection with sexuality, the book offers a rare insight into 'other' sides of nation-building.

In our Biography section, Rs. 305, in paperback, 469 pages, ISBN: 9788123765973