Fathpur Sikri Revisited

Fathpur Sikri Revisited by Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi is a recent title from Oxford University Press (India).

Fathpur Sikri, Akbar's capital, emerged as a prominent urban centre of social, cultural, and political significance during the Mughal period. Yet much remains to be known about it: Was it known before Akbardecided to settle there? Was it just the result of an individual's vision? Who were the builders? Why was it abandoned at all? What about the structures other than the imperial palaces? Analysing these and many other questions, this book delves deep into the untold history of Fathpur Sikri.

Combining literary sources, surveys, and archaeological fi nds, Rezavi brings to life this imperial capital of Akbar. He discusses architectural traditions, town planning, economic centres, location of imperial and bureaucratic establishments, the bazars, the waterworks, road networks, and residential areas to provide a wider understanding of the Mughal world.

The book traces the history of the town before Akbar made it his capital, an aspect hitherto unexplored. It also studies paintings, carvings, the architectural style, and identifies for the fi rst time many new structures like the palace of Shahjahan.

In our History section, Rs. 1395, in hardcover, 316 pages, ISBN: 9780198084037