Expanding Frontiers & IMF and Global

Expanding Frontiers in South Asian and World History: Essays in Honour of John F. Richards by Richard M. Eaton, Munis D. Faruqui, David Gilmartin And Sunil Kumar from Cambridge University Press (India).

This volume celebrates the work of Professor John F. Richards (d. 2007), a historian who significantly changed our understanding of the Mughals, medieval Deccan and environmental history. Expanding Frontiers in South Asian and World History has brought together eminent scholars of South Asian and Global History, who were colleagues and associates of Professor John F. Richards to discuss themes that marked his work as a historian in an academic career spanning almost forty years.

It encapsulates discussions under the rubric of ‘frontiers’ in multiple contexts – frontiers and state building; frontiers and environmental change; cultural frontiers; frontiers, trade and drugs; and frontiers and world history. It reflects at once, in the spirit of Professor Richards’ own work, a concern for large-scale global processes as well as for the detailed specificities of each historical case.

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The IMF and Global Financial Crises: Phoenix Rising? by Joseph P. Joyce from Cambridge University Press (India).

The IMF's response to the global crisis of 2008–9 marked a significant change from its past policies. The Fund provided relatively large amounts of credit quickly with limited conditions and accepted the use of capital controls. This book traces the evolution of the IMF's actions to promote international financial stability from the Bretton Woods era through the most recent crisis.

The analysis includes an examination of the IMF's crisis management activities during the debt crisis of the 1980s, the upheavals in emerging markets in the 1990s and early 2000s, and the ongoing European crisis. The dominant influence of the United States and other advanced economies in the governance of the IMF is also described, and the replacement of the G7 nations by the more inclusive G20, which have promised to give the IMF a role in their mutual assessment of policies while undertaking reforms of the IMF's governance.

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