The Sherthukpens Of Arunachal Pradesh

The Sherthukpens Of Arunachal Pradesh: A Narrative Of Cultural Heritage And Folklore by Anita Sharma from Aryan Books.

The Sherthukpens, a mild mannered and courteous people, inhabit the Rupa region in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. Very few scholars have attempted to map the Sherthukpen society in detail and those who have done so have tended to club them with their more populous neighbors the Monpas.

This book documents the vibrant culture and rich diversity of the Sherthukpens and their society, sustained in a land characterized by high mountain hamlets with precarious wooden houses clinging to wind-swept hill spines. The work attempts to analyse the impact of modernity upon their traditional society and the likely loss and evolution of indigenous knowledge and socio-cultural patterns.

The study is an endeavour to bring to the fore their vibrant culture, which exhibits its own energy and vigour, their intricate and rich imaginative faculties, and their emotional and ethical states.

Rs. 1500, in hardcover, xvi+184 pages, ISBN: 9788173054440