Public Policy and Politics in India

Public Policy and Politics in India: How Institutions Matter by Kuldeep Mathur from Oxford University Press (India).

Policymaking in India evokes an image of rational decision-making and technical optimality. However,   the arena of policymaking is characterized by conflict and contestation resolved through processes of bargains and compromises. A signifi cant amount of research in India focuses predominantly on policy goals and consequences, and less on policy processes. Breaking away from the mould, this collection of essays directly addresses policy processes and discusses the role of institutions in policymaking in India.

Public Policy and Politics in India is, thus, a critical contribution to the study of public policy in India. It brings together some of Mathur's seminal, and otherwise not easily accessible, writings on the emerging fi eld of public policy. It addresses the wider scenario of policymaking in India, as well as specifi c policies. The wideranging essays cover issues such as environment, education, Parliament, liberalization, and governance. They highlight failures of implementation resulting from deep-rooted fl aws in overall policy design. The overall analysis shows that the process of policymaking is inherently political and complex. The volume aims not only to provoke a debate but also to encourage more systematic studies in the area.

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