Faith and Freedom

Faith and Freedom: Gandhi in History by Mushirul Hasan from Niyogi Books.

The iconic Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is synonymous with India’s struggle for freedom. Despite the vast volume of literature that exists on him, many crucial questions remain unanswered, until now. In Faith and Freedom: Gandhi in History, Mushirul Hasan appraises the times in which Gandhi grew up and asks: How did he move millions with what seemed like so little effort? Why did he succeed in most cases and contingencies but not when it came to engaging with Muslim nationalism? Is it not ironic that the messenger of non-violence lived through Partition, one of the subcontinent’s most violent events?

Hasan critically examines Gandhi’s reading and interpretation of Islam, his relationship with the Muslim communities, and his strategy of dealing with them. He also compares and contrasts Gandhi with the leading Muslim political actors of the time. Similar attempts to compare Gandhi with B.R. Ambedkar and the Nehrus reveal the continuities and discontinuities in the Indian national movement. Dealing with the landmark events for the birth of a modern India, the author attempts to deepen and enrich the shadows of the people in the Mahatma’s life, insofar as they affected and shaped his politics.

On India’s Partition, he offers rare insights into Gandhi’s opposition to the two-nation theory, and his conception of Unity in Diversity. He uncovers, moreover, the roots of his differences with M.A. Jinnah. Faith and Freedom: Gandhi in History will help to stimulate and encourage the reader to explore the political heritage bequeathed upon us by one of one of the most epic, controversial and enigmatic figures in world history.

In our History section, Rs. 450, in hardcover, 568 pages, ISBN: 9789381523315