Directory of Museums in India

Dr. Usha Agrawal (b. 1954) obtained her M.A. (History and Sociology) with distinction. Recipient of UGC's JRF, she was awarded Ph.D. degree in 1981. Directory of Museums in India by Usha Agrawal from Aryan Books.

The Directory of Museums in India was prepared with the objective of collecting at one place all the basic information on museums, the types of information normally required by any prospective visitor/tourist. For each museum in the country, it gives full address, telephone numbers, opening and closing time, closed days, entrance fee, the types of collections the museum has, and so on.

It also mentions about the publications of each museum, whether a library is available or not, and whether photography is permitted. It also gives valuable information on the availability of guide services or holding of lectures or film shows. At the end, as guide to the visitor the type of museums, whether it is archaeological, ethnological, art museum, or science museum, etc.

it also indicated. All in all it is a compendium of information commonly sought by any person who wants to visit a museum. This is the only book of its type on Indian museums where all the relevant data useful for visitors, tourists, museum persons, scholars, libraries and planners is available.

Rs. 995, in hardcover, x+434 pages, ISBN: 9788173054358