The Fear that Stalks

The Fear that Stalks: Gender-based Violence in Public Spaces by Sarah Pilot and Lora Prabhu is newly published by Zubaan Books.

This book is an attempt to understand the causes, nature and consequences of gender-based violence in public spaces. It provides a framework that locates gender based violence within the politics and dynamics of public space, and helps us to understand the commonality between these diverse forms of violence ranging from sexual harassment sexual assault moral policing honour killing acid throwing witch hunting, parading naked tonsuring rape and homicide.

The writers unpack and examine the idea of a public space although by and large a notional space they begin by identifying it as the geographical space between the home and the workplace and then go beyong this to look at the violation faced by homeless women and girls who live on the streets as well as those who work in public spaces in the unorganised sector.

In our Gender Studies section, in paperback, Rs. 595, 322 pages, ISBN: 9789381017135