Physical Science Education

Prof. C. Naseema, M.Sc. (Physics); M.Ed.; Ph.D (Edn); PGDHE: DDE: PGDCA; DCRCSM (Sweden) is the Professor and Former Head, Department of Education, University of Calicut, Kerala and Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Calicut and former Dean, Kannur University , Kerala. She has more than eighteen years of teaching experience in Physical Science Education and carried out many research studies related to the field. She has completed five major Research Projects funded by UGC; Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi; and Kerala State Government. She has authored seven books and contributed to six books. Prof. Naseema has to her credit more than thirty papers published in National and International journals. She has presented papers in many National and International conferences in India and abroad.  Physical Science Education: Nature And Scope by her has been published by Shipra.

Science has direct as well as indirect relationship with man and his environment and we value science for its practical advantages in our daily life. The content of the book reflects a detailed discussion on the theory and practice of Physical Science as it deals with Science teaching, Process and Product aspects of Science, Objective based instruction, learning experiences in Science and, different approaches in Science teaching.

Also, Innovative practices, Theories of learning - contribution to Science education, Curriculum organization etc. are covered in a simplified and detailed manner. Constructivism, Methods of teaching, Evaluation in science teaching, Co-curricular activities, Creativity in Science classrooms, E-learning and Environmental Education are also detailed. The book may be useful to the physical science teachers and prospective teachers, scholars and the readers having interest in the subject. 

In our Education section, in hardcover, Rs. 650, 240 pages. ISBN: 9788175416352