No Limits

Stress and Work

Translation and Postcolonialities, (1/e)

Selected Works of C. Rajagopalachari, Vol- I

Forever Incomplete

Young Tagore

A Life in Three Octaves

Project Cinema City

A Southern Music

Golda Slept Here

The Destruction of Hyderabad

Outer Space

After Gandhi

Gandhi Before India

India's Evolving Economy

Time Present and Time Past

Refiguring Goa

Psychoanalysis, Culture, and Religion

Faster than Lightning

Entrepreneurship Development In India

1971 and all that

Akhilesh Yadav


The Changing Gaze

Calendar of Persian Correspondence, Vol- I to V

Revolution from Above

The Changing Gaze

Analysing autobiographies

Partition's Post-Amnesia

Bollywood Nation

Mahesh Dattani

Many Faces of Woman

India After Gandhi

The Luminaries


India's Special Forces

The Ladder of His Life

The Medieval in Film and Gendered Citizenship

The Origins of Capitalism and the "Rise of the West"