Politic perspective

The Politics and Culture of Globalization: India and Australia by Hans Lofgren And Prakash Sarangi, was published by Social Science Press some years ago. 

India and Australia are linked historically through British colonialism and today grapple with both similar and starkly different challenges flowing from changes in the global environment. This edited book presents analyses and empirical studies of the present wave of neo- liberal globalization, ranging across philosophical, political and cultural themes. It brings together Australian and Indian experts in the fields of political science, international relations, philosophy, cultural theory and political economy.

The timeliness of the book and its unifying theme derive from comparisons between Indian and Australian perspectives, and analyses by Australian writers on developments in India. Indian- Australian relations are explored in several chapters. The book will appeal to students and academics across the disciplines of political science, international relations, philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, history and business studies as also to the interested general reader.

Rs. 625, in hardcover, 352 pages, ISBN: 9788187358220