Hindu Life

Hinduism: A Way of Life and a Mode of Thought by Usha Choudhuri And Indra Nath Choudhuri, is published by Niyogi.

True Hinduism has a power and beauty that no one acquainted with it can regard with anything but the deepest respect. You have to approach it as you approach poetry, with a willing suspension of disbelief. Above all the peripheral myths, customs, beliefs and rites, rises the great edifice of Hindu philosophy, painting, architecture and poetry. This book is a search for true Hinduism which is beyond any kind of definition of religion. Here the secular and the sacred meet.

Truth and untruth, spirituality and materialism, gods and demons, life here and life beyond are complementary to each other. Here one does not know when philosophy turns into devotion and devotion philosophy. This is the core ethos of Hinduism. There is a vast range of scriptures, a huge array of ritualistic procedures and traditions of brahminical orthodoxy, varied interpretations coupled with multiple views. There is a variety of theological explications, ultimately leading to the celebration of life while searching for the divine and realising the self.

In our Philosophy section, in hardcover, Rs. 1495, 280 pages, ISBN: 9789381523476