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Distant Traveller: An Attia Hosain Miscellany is from Women Unlimited. 

The many-coloured threads that go to weave the matter of the books on which Attia Hosain's reputation is based also give a distinctive quality to her prose. It is as rich and ornate as a piece of brocade, or embroidery . . . the literary and the stylised are balanced by a certain delicacy and freshness as well as lightened by flashes of wit and humour. Her greatest strength lies in her ability to draw a rich, full portrait of her society.

Exquisite, delicate, charming—unavoidable words when one attempts to describe the quality of [her] prose. It is the literary equivalent of the miniature school of painting in India, introduced by the Mughals. Her stories can well be likened to those busy little vignettes in gem-like colours . . . But there is more to them than their colour and charm, their beauty and grace. What makes them truly interesting is the reconstruction of a feudal society and its depiction.

In our  Fiction section, Rs. 350, in paperback, 234 pages, ISBN: 9788188965762