Religious Fusion

A new title by Rosa Maria Perez, Published by Orient Blackswan, The Tulsi and The Cross: Anthropology and The Colonial Encounter in Goa is a religious book written by him. Its descries research, historical, catholic and Portuguese approach.

The book is the outcome of the author’s long-term fieldwork in Goa and seeks to bridge the gaps in the anthropological research in this state of India. The existing research, essentially historical, tends to consider Goa as Catholic, Portuguese-speaking and framed by Portuguese cultural references. The author offers an ethnographic approach to the understanding of the colonial encounter and of colonialism. 

Her ethnographic research shows that Goa is, and was, dominantly Hindu and the perception of Goa society as essentially fragmented is a colonial imposition. The author takes into account indigenous views, with special focus on a group of devadasis of a Hindu temple. Through them the author aims to dismantle both the stereotypes staged by Portuguese colonialism and an essentialist and Eurocentric view of the caste system in India.

In our Anthropology Section, In Hardcover, Rs. 650, 208 Pages, ISBN: 9788192304601