A Warm Place

M. S. Swaminathan is a modern Indian hero. An agricultural scientist, a plant geneticist, an environmentalist, an ecologist, an administrator, an educator, an advisor to governments around the world, a social worker, a philosopher, and a visionary whose dream is to rid the world of hunger and poverty. The list goes on... 

Remember your Humanity: Pathway to Sustainable Food Security is his latest book, from the New India Publishing Agency. The title, of course, comes from Rotblat's Nobel lecture, and the book is a collection of MSS' essays and speeches. 
 These range in topic from Ethics and Science, Norman Borlaug and His Fight against Hunger, Harnessing the Demographic Dividend for Agricultural Rejuvenation,  to Biodiversity and PovertyAlleviation and Maximizing the Benefit of A Good Monsoon.

In our Essays and Nonfiction section, Rs 795, 298 pages. ISBN: 9789380235868