Sudipa Ray Bandyopadhyay, Rita Chaudhuri and Mahua Chakrabarti have edited Aspects of Indian History and Culturea collection of twenty articles on various aspects of Indian History and culture contributed by mostly young teacher of different colleges and universities of west Bengal. These are the results of their scholarly researches in the field of their respective fields from the early period to the present day. The volume deos not purport to present a comprehensive picture of Indian history ; its primary objective is to bring together some nosto-requently discussed aspects of the subjects.

These articles, with notes, references and bibiliography are well illustrated and are thematically grouped into four sections, viz. Section-I: Epigraphy, Art, Architecture and Aesthestics, Section-II: Society, Economy and Culture, Section-III: Buddist sites, and Section IV: Archaelogical Sites and Heritage Issues.

In our History section, in hardcover, xviii+150 pages, Rs. 1750, ISBN 13: 9788174791344

Indigenous People's Struggles for Self-Determination  from Gyan Books is by Prakash Louis,  an active researcher, writer, facilitator of development organisations, consultant to bilateral and multi-lateral funding agencies, consultant to regional and national governments on development and governance.

In the last two decades the issues of the indigenous peoples have come to the fore. From late 1980s, there have been consistent and systematic attempts to highlight the situation of the indigenous people.

Along with this, there is also the attempt to highlight the various attempts made by the indigenous peoples to resist the discrimination and exploitation they are subjected to and also to assert their right for self-determination. This book, gIndigenous People's Struggles for Self-Determinationh is an attempt to foreground the various initiatives of the indigenous people to determine their life, resources, dignity and rights.

In our Development Studies section, Rs. 850, hardcover, 284 pages, ISBN 9788121211598