Simple Mathematics

Teaching is, as every academic knows, an acquired skill. Our system being what it is though, some are born to it, some grow into it, and some have it thrust upon them... A K Kapoor is one who has, over the years, distinguished himself as a brilliant instructor of physics. His career at the University of Hyderabad has earned him a formidable reputation as a teacher, particularly for quantum mechanics, mathematical physics, classical mechanics... in short all branches of theoretical physics.

His book on Complex Variables, subtitled Principles and Problem Sessions has come in for deserving praise. Published internationally by World Scientific, there is an Indian edition from Cambridge University Press. This textbook introduces the theory of complex variables at undergraduate level. A good collection of problems is provided in the second part of the book. The book is written in a user-friendly style that presents important fundamentals a beginner needs to master the technical details of the subject. The organization of problems into focused sets is an important feature of the book and the teachers may adopt this book for a course on complex variables and for mining problems.

Among the topics covered are: Complex Numbers, Elementary Functions and Differentiation, Functions with Branch Point Singularity, Integration in the Complex Plane, Cauchy's Integral Formula, Residue Theorem, Contour Integration, Asymptotic Expansions, Conformal Mappings, and  Physical Applications of Conformal Mappings

In our Mathematics section, in paperback, 522 pages, Rs 495.  ISBN: 9788175968981



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