Tagore Again

A new collection of Rabindranath Tagore's essays has been recently published by Atlanic Books. The collection has an introduction by Mohit K. Ray. The 37 essays included in this volume are gleaned from the rich repertoire of Tagore's original English writings which, unfortunately, did not receive the attention they deserve, possibly because they were eclipsed by the huge body of his creative and critical writings in Bengali.

Yet a close look at his English writings reveals his wide range of active interest in everything that mattered to a man as a social being. The essays show that Tagore was alert to every new movement in the contemporary cultural scenario and registered his reaction to it. The essays, thus, constitute an important part of his total oeuvre and surprise us by their contemporary relevance and the prophetic vision of a great humanist.

The luminous critical notes to the essays provided at the end by Professor Mohit K. Ray are sure to enhance the understanding and enjoyment of the essays, give an idea of Tagore's critical credo and place it in a global perspective. The book will be useful to every lover of Tagore in general and Tagore scholars in particular

Selected Essays Rabindranath Tagore is in hardcoverxxviii+444  Pages, Rs. 895,  ISBN: 9788126916658