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J B Prashant More writes about the Origin and Early History of the Muslims of Keralam,  a new book published by Other Books, Calicut.

It isn't easy to find additional information on the book other than in the long commentary and description by R Y Deshpande,  so here is an excerpt from that sourceThis book is a study of the origin and early history of the Muslims of Kerala from 700 AD to 1600 AD. It starts unusually with a long Introduction. It is on the whole a stinging criticism of Indian scholarship in social sciences and historical writing which is almost entirely dependent on knowledge and ideas developed by western scholarsThe author who has no clannish moorings, national, ethnic, or ideological, has been striving to steer clear of all collaborative projects that might compromise his independence and individuality and freedom of expression as a historian since quite some time. It is because he thinks that in the changed global situation after decolonisation, collaboration in the intellectual field which is a form of globalisation must be two-way traffic. 

In our Sociology and History sections, in paperback, 259 pages, Rs 360. ISBN: 9789380081199

More is a historian who founded the Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities in Tellicherry. He has written extensively on issues relating to Muslim identity in South India.

In his earlier Political Evolution of Muslims in Tamilnadu and Madras 1930–1947, he set out in detail the earlier domination of Urdu-speaking Muslim, their clash of interests with the Tamil Muslim traders and the ultimate takeover of the Muslim League in the south by the Tamil group. Narrated in an easy style, this study of the recent history of Tamil Muslims is an important contribution to sociological and historical analyses of the movement.

Muslim Identity, Print Culture and the Dravdian Factor in Tamil Nadu  is an original attempt to study the influence of print technology on the Muslims of Tamil Nadu and their literature. It is based on the literary works published by the Tamil Muslims from 1835, when restrictions on printing were removed, to 1920 when they participated in the Khilafat movement. By extension, the study of this literature becomes a study of the origin, society, and identity of the Tamil Muslims.

In our Media Studies and Sociology sections,  in paperback, 352 pages, Rs 645.00.  ISBN9788125026327