Land of the well

Sampurna Chattarji has a new novel from Harper Collins, Land of the Well.

 It is Goa in the monsoons. A shy and lonely teenager finds himself drawn towards a circle of young men and women holidaying there. In their midst is Momo, the woman he would do anything to be close to. As if sensing his need, they ‘befriend’ him and, at the end of a long and bewilderingly intense day of ragging, tell him about the strange circumstances of their friendship.

Bonded by illness, and ruled by a small, absurdly well-read man with baby cheeks, the group dubs the teenager ‘the innocent’, and challenges him to provide an answer to the riddle of their condition. The boy, discovering in himself a hitherto untapped gift for fiction, tells them the story of the Land of the Well. Expecting praise and further acceptance, he is horrified when the outcome is an alienation more complete than he has ever faced.

A novel that examines this age of anxiety, wherein the bodies of the young and successful erupt in ways that mirror their innermost traumas, Land of the Well walks the treacherous line between fact and fantasy, between erasure and compulsive recording.

In our Fiction section, Rs. 350 in Paperback, 384 pages, ISBN 9789350292242