The Colour Red... in Blue

Tulika Books, Delhi have a new book from Irfan Habib, The National MovementStudies In Ideology And History.

This volume consists of five essays on the National Movement that arose to overthrow the British rule in India. Three of these essays are devoted to the two men, Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, whose divergent ideas dominated the National Movement and to different degrees influenced its course. A fourth essay studies in detail how ideas and practice enmeshed to produce the Civil Disobedience Movement in its initial phase, 1930-31, being undoubtedly the most powerful mass agitation organized by the Congress. The final essay studies the contributions made by the Left, especially the Communists, to the National Movement, seeking to fill a gap quite often found in conventional histories.

In our History section, in paperback, 119 pages, Rs 150.  ISBN: 9788189487829