Playing the field

Today is an ideal day to announce the first is a series of four books from Stree as the UGC Standing Committee on Women’s Studies meets in Hyderabad for a two day conclave.

Mapping the Field: Gender Relations in Contemporary India has been edited by  Nirmala Banerjee, Samita Sen and Nandita Dhawan. This is the first of four readers for students of women’s studies, particularly for Masters’ level courses in women’s studies, and more generally across undergraduate and certificate courses as the concept of ‘gender’ has been introduced at all levels of curricula. The reader reflects many of the concerns that have come up in women’s studies across two decades. This first volume focuses on some of the major economic and social debates in women’s studies; the second volume traces the trajectory of more recent theoretical shifts in the field. 

Contributors include the editors Nirmala Banerjee (retired Professor of Economics, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences Calcutta),  Samita Sen (School of Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University), and Nandita Dhawan (School of Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University), as well as Aruna Kanchi,  Manabi Majumdar, Krishna Sobhan and Jeemol Unni,  and Kusum Datta. 

With a Folonesque cover, in paperback, 306 pages, Rs 400.  ISBN: 9788190676069. In our Womens Studies and Gender Studies sections.