Losing a language

Sheldon Pollock's The Language of the Gods in the World of Men is a widely admired book, one that has been given much praise and many awards.  The Coomaraswamy Book Prize of the Association for Asian Studies, the Lionel Trilling Award from Columbia University, the 2006 Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division Award for Excellence in Literature, Language & Linguistics are some of these. Permanent Black now brings this book in paperback.

In this work of impressive scholarship, Sheldon Pollock explores the remarkable rise and fall of Sanskrit, India’s ancient language, as a vehicle for poetry and polity by tracing the two great moments of this transformation. He asks whether the very different histories of these two moments challenge current theories of culture and power and suggest new possibilities for practice.

The Telegraph has called the book “truly breathtaking in its scope and originality”, while a review in the Journal of Asian Studies says “Magisterial . . . The kind of scholarly synthesis and insightful interpretation that comes along, at most, once in a generation or two.”

For the South Asia market only, 702 pages in paperback. In our Religion, Culture, and Linguistics sections,  Rs 695.  ISBN 9788178242750.