Sacrifices aplenty

Maggi Lidchi Grassi, writer and homeopath, has lived at the Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry since 1959. In The Great Golden Sacrifice of The Mahabharata she reinterprets Vyasa’s epic from Arjuna’s point of view. 

First published in parts, including one of the same title, by Writer's Workshop, Kolkata, the present edition is from Random House, and has been called a stunningly lyrical work, The Great Golden Sacrifice of the Mahabharata reinterprets Vyasa s epic from Arjuna s point of view. As Arjuna relives the battle of Kurukshetra, he senses a profound change coming upon himself. He begins to understand the true meaning of surrender and sacrifice. 

The book comprises three parts, narrated principally by Arjuna. Part I takes us through the childhood and youth of the Pandavas and Kauravas, the game of dice, the Pandavas exile, and ends with the armies arrayed for battle at Kurukshetra. Part II recounts the battle itself, and the teachings of the Bhagvad Gita. Part III presents a moving and brilliantly original take on the Mahabharata, as Lidchi-Grassi gives a voice to the forgotten victims of every war the ordinary citizens who must pick themselves up, and resume the business of life. An old order has been swept away, but can the new age the Kali Yuga help lessen human strife and misery? Vastly ambitious in scope and epic in scale, The Great Golden Sacrifice of the Mahabharata is an astonishing read. 

Lidchi-Grassi's life story is unusual and has a major impact on her interpretation of the Mahabharata as a parable for all times. What is not here is nowhere else... 

In our Religion and Philosophy sections, 960 pages, Rs 999 in hardcover, ISBN: 9788184001464