Cold Story

Shankar Prasad Das who teaches physics at the JNU has been working on the behaviour of glasses for a long time now. His new book on the topic, Statistical Physics of Liquids at Freezing and Beyond is out from Cambridge University Press.

Exploring important theories for understanding freezing and the liquid-glass transition, this book is useful for graduate students and researchers in soft-condensed matter physics, chemical physics and materials science. It details recent ideas and key developments, providing an up-to-date view of current understanding. The standard tools of statistical physics for the dense liquid state are covered. The freezing transition is described from the classical density functional approach. Classical nucleation theory as well as applications of density functional methods for nucleation of crystals from the melt are discussed, and compared to results from computer simulation of simple systems. Discussions of supercooled liquids form a major part of the book. Theories of slow dynamics and the dynamical heterogeneities of the glassy state are presented, as well as nonequilibrium dynamics and thermodynamic phase transitions at deep supercooling. Mathematical treatments are given in full detail so readers can learn the basic techniques.

The book is in hardcover, 584 pages, ISBN: 9780521858397. The edition is international, priced at £80.00.