The Sri Lankan Writer

Volume 10 Number 2 of the University of Leeds journal Moving Worlds (you can subscribe to it through SwB) is on the writings of the Sri Lankan writer Michael Ondaatje: Critical Perspectives

This issue examines Michael Ondaatje's fiction, poetry and films from fresh and interesting angles. The critical essays that make up the issue put us in touch with a powerful subtle and humane imagination that translates itself in versatile ways into the themes, characters and poetics of Ondaatje's work.

The several articles examine a number of themes in Ondaatje's work and discuss several of his novels, The English Patient, Anil's Ghost, Elimination Dance, In the Skin of a Lion... his poetry. Much to enjoy!

Moving Worlds is specially priced for students, and is reasonably priced in any case. Check out its listing in the SwB Journals ministore!